How Ambassador Karan Got Internships in the Podcast Industry Through Annenberg

Since coming to Annenberg, I’ve had two internships — one this past summer with Pineapple Street Media, and one this semester with Neon Hum Media. Both companies are in the podcast production industry, with podcasts that have hit the top of the iTunes charts, like Dr. Death (Neon) and Missing Richard Simmons (Pineapple).

With both companies, I never applied in response to a internship posting. They weren’t actively looking for interns, but I reached out via email to see if they might be interested in taking one on. If there’s a company you’re interested in that doesn’t seem to have an internship program, don’t be afraid to reach out. More often than not, companies are excited that you’re interested in working with them, and you’re more likely to get hired because the applicant pool is probably a lot smaller.

One of the reasons why these companies don’t have established internship programs is because they’re relatively new, and pretty small. Pineapple employs about 25 people, and Neon employs 15. It can be a really cool experience to intern at a large company with a big name, and it looks great on a resume, but there are benefits to interning at a smaller company — instead of getting the coffee, you’re entrusted with bigger projects that will help you develop your experience further. At both Pineapple and Neon, I was able to be a part of every step in the podcast production process — from booking talent for interviews, prepping and doing research for documentary shows, engineering studio recording sessions, to using software to edit, mix and score episodes for various podcasts.

And while it may not look as cool on your resume to peers, future employers, if they’re in the same industry, will probably recognize the company you worked for. When I interviewed for Neon Hum, they recognized Pineapple right away, and having that on my resume definitely helped me get the internship.The experiences I’ve had at Annenberg have definitely helped me when trying to get internships. Before Pineapple, I had a huge passion for podcasts — I would listen to them whenever I got a free moment. But I had no experience in making podcasts; I didn’t know how to use audio editing software, or even what steps went into the production process. But I got basic lessons in Adobe Audition through my ASCJ 200: Navigating Media and News in the Digital Age class, which was enough for me to continue learning on my own and grow my audio editing skills.

Annenberg’s Career Development Office also helped me ensure my resume and cover letter looked perfect: I signed up for resume review sessions and got helpful feedback on what information I needed on it and how to organize it correctly. I also went to a Creative Resume Design workshop at the Annenberg Digital Lounge, where we used InDesign to make our resumes and cover letters look visually appealing and stand out from the crowd. And there are so many more resources at Annenberg to make your career search easier — whether its Media Networking Night, where you can develop relationships with the people who look at your application, or the daily Internship and Job postings emails, where you can find opportunities you might’ve never known existed otherwise.

Karan NevatiaComment