It's All Possible: Ambassador Shawn Goes From the Dodgers to Amazon


You’re at the dinner table with mom and dad. You’ve spent the last 15 minutes reassuring them that you know your class schedule, you won’t party during the week, and that you’ll remember to call home regularly. Just as you’re about to take that long-awaited breath and dig into the now lukewarm food, mom hits you with one more question. This question is different. One that you can’t roll your eyes at and dismiss because frankly, even you don’t know the answer to, What kind of job can you get with a Communication major?

Mom and dad now sit across the table waiting to hear how you intend on retiring them. Before you break their hearts with an “I don’t know,” I am writing to tell you that there is in fact a return on your investment as a Communication major. My name is Shawn Hauffen, a senior Communication major, and I too was unsure of what the job market looked like for alumni with my degree. However, I quickly learned that you don’t need to wait until after graduation to land a job, because of the opportunities that await students at USC  Annenberg.

Inside Annenberg’s Student services suite, you’ll find the Career Development Office, where there is a team dedicated to helping students find and land internships. They open their doors to students, as well as send daily emails of job openings and internships. This is how I learned about an internship opening with The Los Angeles Dodgers. I applied, endured two rounds of interviews and went on to land the position as a freshman.

From that point on, I realized how resourceful the Career Development Office could be. So, when I was ready for new opportunities, I took my resume and cover letter to their office for a review. They provided edits and even conducted a mock interview with me. With my revised application and interview preparation, I landed internships with the USC Admissions Office and the Los Angeles Football Club. From there, I went on to work for Merrill Lynch and Amazon Studios.

I would not have been able to make all these career “leaps” without the help of past employers. Believe it or not, it is so critical that you look to past employers for guidance as you set your eyes on your next position.  I am forever grateful for the advice I received and willingness to reach out to connections on my behalf.

Between the help you are sure to receive from the Career Development Office and past employers, you can now look at your parents in the eyes and tell them confidently that your potential career destinations as a Communication major are endless. 

Shawn Hauffen