Ambassador Jordyn Proves FOMO Can Motivate Us



At USC Annenberg, we’re proud that we have the chance to be budding professionals and demonstrate their skills through various campus outlets and outside internships. Our PRDJ Ambassador, Jordyn Holman, shared a few words in her article at the Daily Trojan that will really resonate with graduating seniors around this time of year!

Below is an excerpt from the Daily Trojan:

FOMO can be motivation, not isolation, for college seniors.



Most adults will say that we need to disconnect. Yet, as some of us wind down our college careers in the next few weeks or come May for Commencement, millennials should use FOMO as a catalyst to soak in those college experiences. Like most things in the digital age, our undergraduate careers are fleeting. College passes by like a New York minute — even when you live in L.A.

We should want to document our “lasts.” We should accumulate the laundry list of the last football game, last lunch spent at Lemonade, last time sitting carefree in the Quad, last day of class, last finals season — OK, maybe not that one, but you get the point. This time next year, we seniors might not be living very close next to our friends.

Jordyn Holman for the Daily Trojan

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