Why the Dodgers Took a Chance on a Freshman

Blindly submitting an internship application on a company’s website can feel like tossing it into a black hole. This is discouraging when you consider the possibility that an employer may never come across your resume. However, as an Annenberg student, I found that landing an internship is a real possibility (even a likelihood) because the ASCJ Career Dev team is hard at work, discovering real opportunities for their students and building intimate relationships with popular companies!


Last year around this time, Annenberg’s Career Development Office sent me their Daily Jobs & Internships Email, which featured an exclusive opening with the Dodgers. I submitted my resume and cover letter, and was later invited to interview at DODGER STADIUM! My group interview was quite nerve racking as I sat aside other candidates for the job. However, my strategy was to be authentic and demonstrate an eagerness to work for this iconic organization. I was eventually invited for a second round interview, except this time with the Executive Director of the Dodgers Foundation. Later that same day, I received one of the best calls of my life. I got the job!



Organizations and companies like the Dodgers, CBS, Huffington Post, Edelman and Rogers & Cowan have shared that they reach out to our Career department because they believe in the capabilities of Annenberg students and know what to expect when we come in to intern or work. I’m proud to be a part of an awesome tradition of providing ASCJ students with practical work experience. I was always hopeful that Annenberg would put me in a position to land an internship, but never did I imagine that I would have the opportunity to intern for my dream company so soon in my college career.

Good things come to those who read the daily Annenberg emails.

Shawn Hauffen, Your Admissions Ambassador

Shawn Hauffen